Thursday, April 29, 2010


–verb (used with object)
15. to give a commission to: to commission a graduate of a military academy.
16. to authorize; send on a mission.
17. to give the order that places a warship, military command, etc., in a state of complete readiness for active duty.
18. to give a commission or order for: The owners commissioned a painting for the building's lobby.


I enjoy painting various designs on canvas; it's a hobby of mine. From time to time, a friend will call requesting me to design and paint them something very specific for their home. As an artist, I have then been commissioned to complete that task, according to my friend's direction and to the very best of my ability. I feel a certain responsibility to that friend to create something beautiful for them; something that will be pleasing and beneficial to them. It's part of the role that I stepped into when it became known that painting was something I was able to do. This is a great example of definition #18 above.

Having been a follower of Jesus for all of my life, I have heard so many of the Bible's scriptures in classes and sermons. Many of those scriptures have been impressed on my heart as I have heard them over and over during my 30+ years of faithful attendance. It's still puzzling to me how some verses can have an immediate impact on my thoughts or actions, while some I seem to zoom right over, think on it for a while, then go back to regular life.

I have always been fascinated by people who devote their lives to mission work, especially those who move their family to a foreign land, to spread the gospel of Christ. When I was younger, my home congregation supported several missionaries (they still do, by the way) and one couple made pretty regular visits to us when they were home. They were serving in Venezuela as a family and I just loved hearing their stories when they would come eat in our home. As a teenager, my very first mission trip was to Venezuela to work with the church they had been fostering to grow. It was then that the bug first bit me.

After years of just hearing Matthew 28:19-20, I really listened to this verse. Ten days in Venezuela was my first opportunity to "make disciples of all nations" and I continued from that point on to participate in mission trips to various locations throughout high school and college. I dreamed that one day I would move overseas and serve the Lord by working in his church. I contemplated several avenues in college to fulfill this goal, including applying for the Linguist Training Program for the Army, as well as getting degrees in Spanish and International Business so that I could get a job in Venezuela and love on the church there in my free time.

When I started dating a fabulous young man, I was afraid that if I pursued that relationship that I would bid farewell to my opportunity to move overseas. I was also afraid, though, that if I didn't pursue the relationship that another one of my dreams would pass me by--I wanted to have a family.

Well, making a long story short (I will tell our whole story at a later date), I am completely in awe of my God. Being the finite human that I am, I never dreamed that He would see fit to find me a strong Christian husband who would share the same desire to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew. Granted, lots of "life" has happened between our younger college days and now, but we are as sure as we have ever been that God will use us if we are faithful to obey Him.

We have been Commissioned. I know that this isn't really our story. This is God's story and we just get to ride along. And I'm going to journal this journey, because with God driving this bus I'm sure it will be an adventure!

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