About Us

We're just a young family trying to follow where God is leading.  We're far from perfect, and half the time we feel like we don't know what we're doing...but we are sure that if God asks something of us he will also provide what we need to accomplish the task.  Each day goes a little farther into this faith journey, and we know that God is in control of this story.

We are a fun-loving couple who has just completed 10 years of marriage! We never dreamed that in our 10th year, with 3 little kids, we would be moving to and living in Honduras. It's been an amazing adventure so far!

Jon has done many different jobs throughout his life, but never quite felt fulfilled in the work he was doing. He came to realize that it was because he was yearning to do so much more--to be active in God's Kingdom in a very different way.

Stacy loves being a wife and mom, and is thrilled to be living out her dream of working in the mission field alongside her family.

Lawson is seven and has a sweet, tender heart.  He's helpful and kind and considerate of others.
He's a hard-worker and takes pride in doing his best.

Jordan is almost six and is spunky as can be.  She's got a strong will and a loving, sweet spirit. She loves being a big sister and helping do things around the house.

Tobin is one and is the center of attention everywhere he goes.  Everyone loves to look into his sweet eyes and receive one of his contagious smiles.  He's energetic and strong and we delight in watching him grow!

Here's a video I made as an overview of the story of us before we moved to Honduras...