Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Given Much

We are currently in the middle of our only week in June and July that will not be full of brigade work! Last week Tobin and I spent the week going to 6 different schools with a group of 8 from Texas who had prepared a VBS class based on the story of Lazarus. Everytime we pulled up to a school, we were welcomed by squeals of excitement and lots of kids ready to participate.

Jon and the big kids went with 35 others who were putting on a medical and eyeglasses brigade in the village of Ojos de Agua. This is one of the villages that we are currently targeting and evangelizing for church planting, and coming to meet some of their physical needs goes a long way when you are building relationships. This village is only 10 miles from Santa Rosa, but it takes 45 minutes to get there. The road quality definitely leaves something to be desired, but the vistas on the trip are out of this world!!!

I love walking around to every station of a medical brigade to watch each person do 'their thing' to serve the people of any given village.  There are always lots of smiles and laughter, loving pats, hugs and touches, and true, genuine concern.

And knowing what a blessing it is for them to go home with medications they need, free of charge, is always a highlight. 

This is one of the little boys who was at the brigade all day, waiting with his family.  I saw him climbing on this pillar, running around playing with our kids, and laying down on the ground taking a's definitely a long day for everyone involved....the medical team, as well as the patients!!
And long days aside, it truly is a blessing to be able to serve in such a hands-on way.

Here is a sweet picture that Jon took, and I'll use it for my last'sthe picture of an 80-something year old lady who came in for treatment standing next to 7 1/2 old Lawson.  I love the contrast in this picture, but it's eye-opening as well...young, clean, shoe-clad next to old, not-so-clean and well, look at those feet.

These are them moments that, aside from the day-to-day hustle and bustle that cause me to take pause and realize that despite our lack of fancy jewels, expensive cars or luxurious homes, we really, truly have been given much.

And I think I've heard something about those who've been given much...oh yeah, it was this:

 " From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."  Luke 12:48b

We're trying....

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