Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going Public

This is a scary day...

For about 8 months now, I've had this blogspot as a secret place to journal our story. It's been kept private on purpose--only Jon and I knew about it. I really just wanted to have a place to document the way God has orchestrated this whole situation in our lives. It's such an amazing story that I knew I had to write it down, or one day I would look back and wish I could remember how it all just 'fell into place.' That's not to say the past few months have been perfect, though. It's also been important for me to be able to blog some of the emotions that I have felt as we've gone through several big changes and face more that look like Everest.

This is a journey that I am excited to be on. And, I'm excited for you to follow along, if you want to. I knew this day would come--this day of "going public"--and to tell you the truth it feels a little bit vulnerable. I'll warn you, this is a journal of my thoughts. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes, well, it's not. Even going back and reading some of the feelings from just a few months ago still bring tears to my eyes, but then seconds later I smile at the way God answered my fears or hurt in mighty ways.

If you want to, go all the way back to the beginning and head your way up to the top--that will get you to where we're at now. Or, just jump on board here and keep up with us. Either way, I'm so glad you stopped by!

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